Recipes: Paella

Matt and I love hosting dinners at our house. I love trying out new recipes or making some that has been a classic dinner served when we have people over. One of the classics and most requested is the Paella. I've tweaked a recipe from a friend of ours and made it my own. I believed the key to a good paella is the stock you use. I make mine from scratch. See the full recipe below.  

Stock ingredients: Chicken bones, celery, carrots, onions, peppercorn, salt, & water

*The stock is boiled for at least 4 hours. I sometimes boil it up to 8 hours. I freeze my stock to make it last longer until I decide to use it. I always have stock sitting in the freezer incase I need it.

Paella ingredients: Chicken stock, Bomba rice or Arborio rice (alternative if you can't find Bomba rice), onions, pancetta, chorizo, chicken thighs, mussels, clams, prawns, green peas, powdered annatto (I use this instead of Saffron), salt and pepper to taste

*I try to make paella on a grill if possible. However, the stove also works you'll just have to make sure the heat is evenly distributed throughout your paella pan. Saute onions then add pancetta and chorizo. Then add chicken thighs. I usually crisp the chicken up then put it aside. Cook prawns half way and put aside. Add Bomba rice. Saute rice until a little brown then add the chicken, pancetta and chorizo. Add the annatto or saffron. Start by slowly adding your stock. You'll have to gradually add the stock. This takes time but makes the paella cook evenly and enriched with flavor. When the rice is almost cooked start adding the clams, mussels, prawns and green peas. Let it sit to simmer more. by the time the rice is fully cooked the clams and mussels will be open and ready. 

Please note the there are no exact measurements since I add ingredients as I go. I just cooked and try to feel for it. Let me know if you have any questions. :)