Carry me!

I remember when I was in my teens I started hating backpacks. I wanted to be a lady and carry a handbag even when I had to carry heavy books to school. As you all know I opened a women's clothing shop and have been extra busy than usual. I was thinking to myself I should get a good back where I can carry all the stuff I need to work so it would be to difficult. I used to carry my french market bag which I loved and will always love. However, I carry a lot of items. I have my laptop, change, paperwork and all that good stuff you have to carry when you're a business owner. I kept complaining of how heavy my bag was. Matt told me get a backpack and I said eh I don't know. I want something stylish and chic.Recently, I discovered MAHI Leather. They have good quality products and I found a backpack that's stylish enough for me yet convenient for my needs. I carry this bag almost everyday to my shop. If you ever see me in midtown Reno NV I am carrying this bag. 

 Thank you MAHI Leather