DIY: Floral hanging center piece

We recently celebrated Sage's Puppy Shower. I know what you're thinking who's Sage and what's a puppy shower. Well, I made it up. I reason to party and celebrate the addition of another baby(puppy) to our small family. I wanted to make it very special and I just had to be extra. :) I made this floral center piece for the party. What do you guys think? If you like it the instructions are below. 



1. Cut out the chicken wire to your preferred length for the center piece.
2. Connect the ends together using the wires making like a tunnel like piece.
3. Measure the length of the ropes for hanging. Tie them the to both ends.
4. Using a drill, drill in a tiny hole for the hooks. I wouldn't recommend the command hooks since the center piece will get heavier when you add your foliage and florals.
5. Hang them at your desired height.
6. Start randomly sticking the foliage and florals on the chicken wire. There is no order to this. I just put it anywhere and spread it out through my canvas.
7. Add your lights. Make sure to hide the switches inside. I added some twigs to cover out the ends of the piece. 
8. You're done! 

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  1. so nice look ; -)))


    i invite to me too