All about wood and a giveaway!

You may have notice that I only wear gold accessories. From my stack of rings to my only gold watch I wear. I have mentioned this before that I only go for neutral tones when it comes to my style. My friends always make fun of me for not having too much color on my wardrobe. I prefer neutral tones and have that minimalistic look. I'm always on the look out for any new unique pieces in the fashion world today. And I've found something that was already in my collection. The addition of another Jord Watch was a trill. Something I've been considering to get since I fell in love with my older one. I've paired this watch with a dress, jeans, and even with heels. It may have a laid back look but it goes with everything. I've since guys wearing theirs with a suit and tie. It pairs perfectly with any weather all year round. Having unique pieces in your wardrobe is a must. I believe those key pieces gives more meaning to your look. Something that makes your overall appearance different. Speaking of being different, these watches can be customized as well. Have one engraved with the initials for a special person in your life. Wouldn't that be a perfect gift? Or just your own initials and treat yo self! 

Since I've enjoyed this my Jord Watches I think you should enjoy one for yourself. Click this LINK for a chance to win a $100 credit towards the watch of your choice! For everyone who enters the giveaway you'll get a $25 credit as well. 

Photos by: Matthew John