Wooden watches

When it comes to my watch I’ve always been very specific with the style. I wore a specific gold watch for 5 years straight. Then I switched to another gold watch after that. I’ve recently found something else that I’ve fallen in love with. It still has a gold accent to it but it’s different. It’s a wooden watch. It looks more casual but very chic at the same time. I love the clean chic look of it and the uniqueness of this item. Not everyone has one right?

I know all of might want one. Here’s the chance. We are giving away a $75 E-voucher to a contest winner! The contest will go on from July 21st to August 20th. Here are the rules:

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4. Comment below your email address
5. Click this Link.

We will be announcing the winner on August 21st.


  1. so nice ;-))


    i invite to me too


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