Rocks and nudes

Purse: Saint Laurent / Button down: Old Navy / Sandals: Zara (Similar) / Pants: Nordstrom

Olive green and light pink is one of my favorite combinations. This might also be the only shade of pink I wear. I think it looks good in anyone. Olive green gives the light pink that perfect contrast that will enhance your skin color. 

If been looking for this light pink button down for years. I couldn't find it anywhere. By anywhere I mean including space. They didn't have it. A good trip to the mall and having a few gift certificates from Gap, I said to myself ohhh I should check Old Navy they should have something I want. And yes you can use gap rewards certificate at old navy. I was browsing for stuff and tadah! This plaid perfect light pink shirt was there. Couldn't resist it I bought a striped version as well. 


  1. so pretty ;-)

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