Kidogo Kidogo!

I've always love doing things for a good cost. Helping people equals to being happy. This beautiful cases are from Kidogo Kidogo. This just not just an ordinary iPhone case. The details on it is done by Sarah Markes, a Tanzania based artist. "These iPhone cases don't just look good but also do good." That's what the company's goal is. For every case you buy a low income family in Tanzania get a phone. It may not seem like a big deal to us to be able to get a phone. But for them it is. They are not able to afford it on their own. Communication is very important. Hearing from your family is very important. So help out everyone! 

I hope everyone could purchase a case! It would be a good help! They come in iPhone 5 and iPhone 4. It also comes in different styles.  Explore their Website for more details.