Skin Care

4 Skinceutical Retinol 0.5
5 H2O (chug it!)

I've tried a bunch of different skin care products. Some of them worked just fine and some made me skin break out like a teen. My mom have been using Skinceutical products for years and she told me to try some products. It did some good on my face but I was still looking for that one special cleanser that would change my life. So there it is. Sitting on the shelves of target. Biore Charcoal cleanser. I 've been hearing and reading about how charcoal is good for your skin. They make mask out of it and other special therapy-like products. So I just had to try it. It was only 7 dollars so it didn't hurt to try. And then it happened. my face couldn't be better. even just from using it for a week I've seen the difference. I saw the scrub cleanser and I've been wanting to have a scrub that I can use like 3 times a week. Tried it and it was good. Cleaned out my pores and the best part was none of these products made me breakout. 

Happy Thursday Everyone!


  1. My skin has been breaking out so bad lately and I've been looking for a new skin care regime to fix it. This post seriously couldn't have come at a better time for me! Definitely going to give it a try.

    xoxo Alison


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