Beach Essentials

1. Bikini! Something simple yet has some cute details. You don't want crazy tan lines.
2. Tanning oil. I use the banana boat SPF 4 tanning oil. 
3. Protect those eyes! Aviator Sunglasses. Gives you that effortless sexy look.
4. Giant Beach towel. A really big one. Reason is, so you can share. NO. So you don't have sand all over the place. 
5. Rubber flip flops. Don't use the leather ones they might get ruined in the water. 
6. A refreshing drink. Everyone tells me it taste horrible. But I love it! So shut up. :)
7. Floppy hat. Just because you need a hat. 
8. Beach tote. Not to big not to small. When you see it you'll know...
9. An extra bikini! You just never know. :)

Summer is coming soon and I feel the sunshine. So lets get those tans ready! Have a great weekend everyone!


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