My Sugared Lips

I know, I know. I haven't posted anything since I don't know when. I've just been caught up with so much stuff. Anyway here's an outfit post when it was a little bit sunny in San Francisco. I woke up one morning due to the doorbell from the mail man. Went down stairs and opened the door and Mr. mail man says you have a package Joanna. I was surprise since I wasn't expecting any package. I don't remember ordering online. Opened the package and shazzaamm!!! This lovely dress from Sugarlips. I've always wanted this type of dress but I just couldn't find the right one. Thank you so much!

dress: sugarlips / belt: american eagle / sandals: schu / purse : H&M /watch: guess


  1. nice post and nice blog ;)

  2. I wish we could all see those lovely sandals just a bit better... I love your hair and the dress... I am your new follower :)))

  3. hey dear! thanks for your lovely comment!
    i'm now your follower! wish you could follow me too <3
    Love, J

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment! Amazing post! you are very beautiful!

    I follow you! ;)


  5. very chic!nice dress
    follow :)

  6. you look great! I love your long maxi dress with caramel accessories!
    I invite:

  7. Great maxi dress!

  8. sexy :)))

  9. Love that outfit!!
    I'm just starting out an I would love you to see my blog


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