packing my whole closet with me!

So I've been planning this trip to LA since ever. the last time I went was Halloween of 2010. when I travel I just carry a load of stuff with me. I remember the last time I went. my friends were like " you're not staying here for year right?" now I'm trying to avoid over packing. but i'm sure I did it again but not that bad. I made a list of the stuff I'm bringing so I don't just get whatever I see and decide to bring it with me. 

Just one little make up bag now. I wasn't able to take a photo of the brushes but I just put it in a ziplock bag and shove it in the same pouch with the rest of the make up.

A closer look of my luggage. accessories are in ziplock bags as well. 

some of the shoes I'm bringing. Yes, you heard that right "some" there's a few more that's already in my luggage.

almost everything I'm bringing. 

everything's packed. I used my Tory Burch dust bag for my shoes so they don't mix with clean clothes. 

I'm leaving tomorrow! 6am is my target time to leave. I'm driving down for the first time. I usually take the plane. I can't wait! This is going to be an awesome summer vacation! I will keep posting for photos of my trip so hang in there.

where do you guy plan to go for your summer vacation?



  1. WEEEE, take care and have fun. And yes, its hard to choose which pair of shoes you are gonna bring. If only you could bring all hahaha

  2. Have a great vacation :)))

    LOVE minnja

  3. Great handbag! That's my favorite shade of brown. Goes with EVERYTHING. Have a great trip! I use handbag dustbags for my shoes too. LA will be fab I'm excited for you! I'll be in northern Cali in just over a week and I can't wait :)

    That Girl in Pearls

  4. You're so lucky! I'm going to bali next year and I'm saving up til then! x

  5. have a great time!i ahd a wonderful time in mine :) !u have a great blog.i am following.i hope u'll follow back if u like mine too :)

  6. I love that brown bag!

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  7. I see great things packed for your trip! Have a wonderful time!

  8. You did a great job packing for your trip, I hate packing because there is so many things to remember. I really like your brown purse, it's so cute. Not really going anywhere this summer except around Cali. hehe Have a great trip!


  9. Once I was watching Kimora Life in the Fab Lane and she was going on a trip. She says to her viewers "you can take it with you." The next thing you know all of her Louis Vuitton luggage was appearing on the front of her steps ready to be transported. It was rather humous. For us fabulous girls who move our own luggage, we must be sensible when packing. LOL

  10. Girl, that's a whole lot of shoes! But yeah, traveling light is a bit tough. Making a list is great, as long as you stick to it. LOL. For a pretty small luggage, I'm surprised that there's that much stuff in it.

    -Abigail Schoorl


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