make your face up!

I've been wearing the same make up everyday. just a simple natural looking make up. I have this MAC make up palette in which I took out the frame so I can put more eyeshadows in it. a more practical way of having a palette. 

I use the black eyeshadow as my eyeliner so it gives me a more natural look. the whitest one I have below the black is for my brow highlight. the ones next to it are the natural looking browns I have for my eyes. the darkest brown I have is for my brows. the orange looking one is used for my blush.

my ever beloved foundation. as you can see I'm almost out of it :(

basic mascara, lip gloss, lipstick, and eyelash curler

my 3 favorite nail polishes

The brushes. majority of the are from sigma.


  1. I love this OPI nail polish (I have the same and it works so well!)

  2. I've had for a long time and still works. :)