Scotland: Part 1

Peter and Brian (Hungarian pigs- "Mangalica")

The Scotland trip started from flying from San Francisco to London. We stayed in London for a few days (which I will do a separate post on). We were traveling with Jeff and Randy (Matt's very good friends and mentor) After spending some time in London we took the train and headed to Inverness. Arriving after an 8 hour train ride we stayed at the Royal Highland hotel which had a very convenient location. It was right outside the train station of Inverness. After spending a night there we had our rental car waiting outside the hotel and we drove up further north of mainland UK. Our first stop was the beautiful Dunrobin Castle located in a town called Golspie. We did a self tour of the castle (no photos allowed inside) and ended the tour with watching the falconry. A stop over at a cute little spot we found called River Bothy. They had the best comfort food we've had in UK. The soup was very hearty and let me tell you their dessert selection is a win win! We kept driving north on A9 and ended that the day at our next sleeping spot. We stayed at the cutest BnB, the Mey House. They are located in the town of Mey, Thurso. The owners, Sally and Rob were very nice and welcoming. They were also very helpful with the tours we wanted to do in the highlands.

We have rested and ready for our next adventure. The breakfast at the Mey House was very good. It was perfect for our adventure filled day to the Orkney Islands. We took a ferry from John O'Groats. As we arrived our tour guide Kinlay from Orkney Private tours was there waiting for us. I've done a few tours in my travels and I would say that Kinlay was the best tour guide. He was very knowledgable with the history of the islands and also very interesting to talk to. Basically he's a fun company to have around. Since the guys were huge fans of Scotch (Whisky) we had my make a stop at the Highland Park distillery. They did some tasting and I did my own tasting of the whisky fudge. They were delicious. I bought all the display to take home with me. :) Another favorites of this tour was the visit to Skara-brae. This ancient village is older than the pyramids of Egypt. From 3200BC to 2700BC. It was a sight to see. oh btw, it was very wet and cold. You definitely need to gear up and be very prepared. We told Kinlay that I want to see a highland cow and maybe pet one if possible. Unfortunately it was rainy and they were too far away from the road. He felt bad and wanted to cheer me up by introducing me to Peter and Brian. They are Hungarian pigs or Mangalica. They are domestic pigs and they are super cute. These two are very friendly and fluffy.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!