Sunflower bloom

These photos were taken on our way back from our house hunt. This was in Dixon California. The sunflower were beautiful but were extremely heavy. I was not aware of that. haha! I had the idea of running through the field but Matt told me it will hurt if I get hit by one on my face. So, no running through sunflower fields for this gal. As I mention on the last post, we finally found a house and will be moving on October. There's so much happening the next few weeks that I'm just hoping I can catch up on my post. I can't wait to show you guys the house and the other exciting things for the next few months!

Trench Coat: Two Feathers


  1. WOW, sunflowers are just majestic! Incredible work of nature. And i spot another flower amongst the sun flowers. hehe. You look great as usual Joanna. Nice share.

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