Recipes: Apple crisp quinoa salad

We've been trying to be better with our eating habits lately. A lot grilling seafood paired with some salad has been happening for our dinner menu. It makes us feel better about ourselves and it taste amazing. One of the salads I've made is this apple crisp quinoa salad I'm sharing with you. It is a perfect pairing with any type of meat. 

Olive oil
Salt and pepper
Quinoa (red, yellow or brown will do)
Granny smith apple
Onion (grilled)
Cauliflower (grilled)
Baby arugula

I make the quinoa first to give it time to cool down before mixing with the other ingredients. When I grilled the cauliflower and onion I put a good amount of olive oil, salt and pepper.

I hope you try this recipe out. It's a great summer salad with some BBQ meats. 


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