Unique kitchen finds

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Since Matt and I moved in together I've been focusing a lot on home improvement. From watching HGTV shows whenever I have a free time to doing some DIY projects with the help of Matt. Decorating has always been one my favorite things to do and now that I have more opportunity doing them in my own home it just gets more exciting. We will be starting a new series for Basics and Gold, Unique finds for your home. We're starting off from the kitchen. Here are the unique items we've been loving. 

1. Paper Towel Holder You'll always need a paper towel holder right? Here's one with the an iron bird to lock the paper towel in place. 
2. Concrete coaster We actually have them at our home. A local store in Truckee CA had sold these cool concrete coaster. Matt fell in love with them and kept saying "its concrete! so cool! we need them!"
3. Salt and pepper shakers I love salt and pepper. It's not good to put salt on your food all the time but I can't help it. Especially when it comes in this cute shakers.
4. Coffee mug I use to not drink coffee. But since I started working with the company I work with now, I had to. Working 11 hours straight will really make you seek for coffee. 
5. Cheese board Who doesn't love cheese? Especially when it's half marble and half wood. It has a great contrast and i think it makes the cheese taste better if its on a beautiful board. 
6. Measuring cups I recently received the Kitchen aid mixer from Matt on Christmas and it just gave me more motivation to bake. I would love to have a cute measuring cup like this to match with my white miser.  
7. Flatware I'm always on a hunt for gold flatware. Here's another one that caught my eye. 

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