Trou Normand

We found another gem in the city of San Francisco. A few friends of mine decided to have a brunch weekend in the city. Since Matt and I live in the East Bay now it's always fun to go out and explore the beautiful San Francisco. We planned on going to a place who's famous for their bottomless mimosas. But unfortunately the wait was 2-3 hours. No thanks. What else to do but to Yelp something out nearby right? And we found this place. Trou Normand. They had an amazing interior design and of course an amazing menu. 

I was not feeling well that day and didn't really have a great appetite. I didn't even know what I could order that would help me out and actually eat it. But I decided to go with their fried chicken since it was at the appetizer section and figured it would be small and not too much. It was a good size and had a great taste. It was probably one of the best fried chicken I've ever had. to think I was sick that day. It just really means that it was absolutely delicious. 

One more thing about this place is they have a great selection of wine. I'm a big fan of Rosé. They had the regular Rosé and the bubbles. Most of us got the sparkling Rosé. The carbonation helped my stomach feel better and duh its sparkling Rosé is just amazing. 

If you ever come to San Francisco or lives locally here this is a great place for brunch and dinner too!  Located at 140 New Montgomery street San Francisco CA 94105


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