Skin Care

I try my best to take care of my skin. These are the items I definitely couldn't live without. 

*Wear sunblock all the time!
I wear sunblock every single day. Thats to avoid the appearance of dark spot and freckles. It also helps to protect from skin cancer. I have combination skin so this one has a perfect consistency. 

* Get rid of those black heads!
Clean those pores girl! Having clean pores is a must if you don't want any zits popping on your face. I've tried a couple different strips and this one works the best for me. It has a strong pull to it!

*Peel a little.
You don't want dead skin on your face. I definitely prefer and clear smooth skin. This type of retinol doesn't make me peel too much and also moisturizes my skin. Most retinol I've tried from the past makes me skin dry and peel like I'm a snake changing her skin! 

* Charcoal cleanser is the best!
This cleanser is very mild. The fact that it has charcoal is amazing too. It's perfect for a deep cleansing for your pores to avoid zits and black heads. 

* Vitamin C is a must!
I have migraine so it is not ideal for me to take some. Best thing is applying it on the surface of my skin! It gives me a good clean glow. It always hydrates my skin very well.

Happy Thursday everyone! One more day to the weekend and I will be in Los Angeles!