The Skinny Jeans

As I was getting older I go for "quality over quantity" I learned it the hard way. I bought jeans that were cheaper and thought that they were better deals. 30 dollar jeans sounds amazing right? But there was always something missing in the jeans. They didn't fit the way I wanted them to fit. They ripped after one wash. They loosen up after a few wears. Then I decided investing in a pair of pricier jeans. I couldn't be happier. They gave comfort because they were soft and good quality. But they also gave me the fit and look I was looking for. Here are the ones that I fell in love with. 

1. 7 For all man kind High waist ankle
2. Jbrand Alana crop
3. Jbrand Ginger
4. Current Elliott The stiletto
5. Current Elliott The stiletto
6. Current Elliott The stiletto

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