I am not getting married. Let me just put that out there. haha! But it is every girl's dream to plan her wedding. I love the whole lots of flowers look in a very chic, garden mellow way. If that made sense. Everything will be nude in color. I' not a huge fan of bright colors. My friends always tells me "oh Joanna look you would wear this!" (while holding up a nude dress) I imagined the wedding to be somewhere with a huge garden and lights and a lot of white and light pink flowers. This wedding gown from Carol Hannah is perfect. I don't see myself going with an all white dress. Something ivory and pale beige/pink like this one is perfect. 

If you are planning your wedding check out If never planned a wedding before but imagine it is already stressful. is an easy way to plan it out. Theres a lot of ideas on there that you can use and when it comes to the items you need for the wedding, they also have a shop that links you to where you can purchase the item. It's your one stop shop for your wedding! 

To anyone planning their wedding congratulations in advance! I wish you all the best! 
Happy weekend!


  1. so cute pics!! ;>>


    i invite to me too


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