Jewelry. How do you make it stand out? You have to find the right pieces.Some pieces are a lot more pricey than some and you just need to find what makes you comfortable in terms of price. With layering bracelets make sure I have thin simple ones and the that one thing that stand out. The chunky one. 

In terms of rings, if you want to wear a big ring you have to balance it out with a simple arm candy. But if you're going with the simple ones you can definitely mix it with you bracelets.

Big, almost covering your whole neck, looks like you cant breath, that's the right necklace. haha! These are the ones that you really wanna make your outfit stand out. If you're wearing a plain white button down shirt then these pieces are the right accessory. It will add color, edge, and of course style.

Are you obsessing with jewelry? which one do you like most? 
Have a great weekend everyone! <3


  1. Beautiful items <3 !


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