Beauty Essentials for Summer

1. Tanning Lotion/ Tanning oil- maintain a good tan. Do it yourself. It saves money and you feel better since you did it on your own!
2. Bronzer- To give a boost of shimmer to your golden skin. When that ray of sunlight hits your face, its like Photoshop in real life. 
3. Sunblock- You still need protection. It avoids the development of brown spots and skin cancer.
4. Lip Balm/ Lip Medicated ointment- Weather changes and you definitely don't want chapped lips. Try the medicated ointment for stronger treatment. 
5. Hair tie- For an easy up do or bun for the natural look.
6. Body scrubs- Make sure to take off those dead skin cells for a healthier glow. 
7. Hair removal (waxing)- I prefer waxing than shaving because it last longer. and gets rid of ingrown hairs. You're definitely going to show a lot of skin this summer and you definitely don't want to be shaving every single day. 
8. Body lotion/ moisturizer- Moisturize. Whether its summer, fall, winter or spring. Your skin needs to be hydrated.
9. Water- I know its not on the picture. Its clear so I'd say its the background of the picture? hahah! keep your self hydrated. It makes your skin look healthier and your body system will work better.

Have a fun filled Summer!

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