good to be back!

Today was amazing! It was so amazing that I had to blog about it right away. haha. I hanged out with my good old friend Victoria. We went to haight-ashbury ( a popular intersection in San Francisco) unfortunately I wasn't able to take photos while we were there because of me leaving my memory card in my laptop. stupid right? So we went to thrift stores in haight-ashbury. Victoria found these pair of tory burch flats, just like these! she got it for 27 bucks! we were like going crazy in the store. we then ended up going to Japan town to  go eat sushi and got some crepes. and again no photos. after that we wanted to go to another thrift store near where we were. but we found a goodwill (another thrift store) while driving. we found parking right away. like in front of the store (aren't we lucky?) we found some amazing stuff! like really amazing! will post about it maybe tomorrow. hehe. we ended up going back to her place to get some water because we were dying coz it was so damn hot! I ended up going through her stuff and stole a bunch of randomness and just took it with me. hahaha! very nice of her. 

we then decided to go to fort funston ( a very popular dog park here in SF) amazing view. we had to change outfits since the weather at fort funston is always colder than the normal weather. and its always windy. here are some photos of victoria's dog, toby (golden retriever) and my dog, sittie (chihuahua).

The dogs had so much fun. running like crazy. we ended up stopping by the mall near my place and went to forever21 looking for these sandals I've been looking for. I'll show them soon. 

I don't know what that thing is at the back. but I think its a fort from the attacks made before a long time ago. since this side of SF is facing the pacific ocean. maybe to protect the US territory years ago.

lake merced at my back!

cute couple eating while watching the sunset. 

toby being awesome.

sittie's face when she's so exhausted. hahaha!

we ended up eating dinner at my place with my parents. 
how was your day?



  1. awwwwwww your dogs are so cute! I wanna hug them! :)

  2. Awesome pictures.. Haha I always manage to leave me memory cards all over the place.. Even when I carry a spare.. When I am in San Francisco I always love going to The Haight.. All the stores that they have are amazing.. I always manage to come back with a lot of stuff..

    All the best, Angel

  3. thanks everyone!

    angel: haight is awesome the only thing I dont like about it is sometimes its dirty and smells like weed all the time. hahaha!

  4. Your puppy is so cute!!

  5. I am a huge animallover and i can't stand these photos!
    For the tip, can you post your amazing photos bigger? (--: