flea market!

I drove down south, San Jose today to visit my friend Sam and just hang out. we decided to go to a flea market near her house. it was a huge one. like HUGE. its on Capitol expressway crossing Snell avenue. There  were fresh fruits and vegetables, vintage items, clothes, electronics, plants, food and everything in between. it was fun. I bought a vintage tray and some yellow pants. (will post soon an outfit with it.) when it was really hot, like seriously our back, face, legs, arms, and armpits were sweating we decided to leave and go eat at a diner near her place. cornbeef hash and eggs were amazing. we ended up taking it home and eat rice with it. haha. after a few hours we decided to go to great mall in Milpitas. Sam bought some sunglasses and a purse. I got a pink tank top from H&M. It was a fun day. It was nice seeing Sam and just hang out. we will definitely go back to that flea market! hope you guys had an awesome day!


clutch made by my awesome tailor
top by forever21
watch by guess
scarf by h&m
shorts by abercrombie
flip flops by american eagle

btw, sorry for the not so clear photos. because of my stupidity I left my memory card at my house and ended up using my iphone instead. 


  1. Sounds like a fun day - cute pics

  2. Love your scarf. That clutch is awesome too!


  3. adorable photos - id addicted to starbucks

    stop by sometime<3

  4. joan: thank you! my tailor made that clutch!

    anna: thank you! I will. :)

  5. Your whole outfit is so cutee :)

    xoxo, Ana

  6. Your scarf is so pretty!!