DIY sandals

what you need:
1. acrylic paint (must have white)
2. get rid of that spray can. I accidentally put that there. 
4.paint brush (the foam will do)
5. that thread used usually for plants
6. mixing plate (or plastic bag or paper or your hand, anywhere you can mix some paint)
7. glue stick and glue gun
8. the sandals (these are from forever21) only 7.50!

start by painting the straps white. if you have the white one then forget this step. haha.

let it dry. then paint it with whatever color you wanna paint it with. I chose teal. just because I want to paint it teal. 

let it dry. (try blow drying for faster drying power)

start wrapping that thread. using a glue gun with a glue stick in it, glue the tip of the thread under the straps. then start wrapping tightly. make sure the straps are all dry from the paint.

at the end, glue the end of the thread just like when you started. you're smart you know what to do. haha.

here's  the finish product!

BTW, I wore the sandals right away!



  1. Wow the end result is fantastic so creative!

  2. woow very cool DIY the sandals look great! ANd you dogs are so cute! Love the pics! Where are you from looks like california? And I looooove pink berries (your header) yummi its sooo good unfortunatly there arent any in Germany :(



  3. Wow, I'm so impressed because I'm so bad at arts and crafts like this. I always had my mom do it for me. Very smart to paint them white first and I love how you added the gold detail. You really transformed these plain sandals. They look great and would be so cute for summer!


  4. Oooh this is SO COOL!! Thanks for sharing this great tutorial! LOVE IT!
    Alicia Mi Mundo ❤

  5. Me encanta el resultado!!!!
    Un besito desde


  6. thank you everyone! you're so awesome in so many ways@ appreciate it!

  7. nice idea, great DIY :D I will try that too ^^

  8. thank you for this post!
    I love your style of writing.. and I'm your big fan! I wonder..could we follow each other?

  9. Wow I love this you are so creative!

  10. very cool idea! i bet you could add some small beads onto the thread as well. Some coral beads with that would look really cool!


  11. thank you amazing people! you inspire me!


  12. Oh my gosh they're so pretty! They're even better than the original ones! Great job!

    Thanks for visiting us, your blog is lovely! We're now happily following! :)

    sorelle in style

  13. WOw !! You did a pretty awesome job here :) love it...

    Im following dear

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