As you all know I like basic things, hence the name “Basics and Gold”. Sneakers have been coming back in the fashion world for quite some time now. All ages wear them. Other than my basic suede booties that I wear when I’m in a hurry, I always grab my white sneakers. The casual look yet stylish is what I love. Adding to that, the comfort wins the characteristic award. Here are the sneakers that caught my eyes.

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New York is always a great idea

A few of my essentials at NYFW

Our amazing first show at NYFW

I need a fire place like this


We are having a long weekend and we're actually just staying home. Matt and I usually take advantage of long weekends. This time it was nice to catch up on home chores and just relax. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! 


We arrived around 7 in the morning of February 10th. Being that it was rush hour in New York the traffic was insane. We missed our first show. We did make it to our second one and it was amazing. The show was organized and and ran very well. The mixture of classic and edgy combined on the runway of Hakan Akkaya. As a person who loves neutral tones, the gray and black were a perfect in my eyes. I definitely had a few favorites from the runway. From and accessories to the clothing, but I would definitely say I have my favorite look. This is coming from a girl who’s not a fan of glitter. The dress was magnificent and perfectly designed for that glamour look.

We never imagined experiencing this great restaurant. Matt and I were in New York for NYFW and have decided to go out to a nice dinner as an early Valentine’s Day celebration. As we head back to our hotel to relax and look up some restaurants he thought of something crazy like checking to see if we could get a reservation at Jean-Georges. Having heard that it takes up to two months to get a reservation I didn’t bother having too much interest in it. But then it happened. A reservation opened due to someone canceling. We hurried and got ready as we head jump in our Uber to this amazing restaurant. Located right by the Central Park, it definitely added an extra romantic vibe as you get out of your car. We both ordered the winter course because both of us didn’t want to share any of those bites. Every bite was magnificent. 

I guess it was difficult to choose which course is your favorite. Going there was not just about the food but it was about food, atmosphere, hospitality, experience and the company you have. A lady told Matt as he walked by her (she was a little tipsy), “it’s so nice watching you and your girlfriend laugh and enjoy”. I can definitely say I’ve enjoyed every moment whether it’d be at a fine dining restaurant or when we forget to get groceries so we have to eat leftovers. I can’t wait to experience more things with him in our future. It was a great Valentine's Day treat!

I need some of these goodies from Milkcow

This perfect seafood tray

Our apartment in France

This perfect view from our Airbnb

Perfect plate of food for Super Bowl

I finally found the perfect long cardigan from Amour Vert. It has the perfect taupe color which everyone know I have to have in my closet. For a cardigan it definitely is heavier and will keep you warm with the soft merino wool it's made of.